John's Sanitary Removal
Located at 15 Golf Course Road in Silver Bay
Shop Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00am - 3:00pm
Residential Recycling

Collection Schedules:
Silver Bay: Every week on Thursday
Two Harbors: First Monday of every month
Beaver Bay: First Tuesday of every  month
Finland: First Monday of every month
Isabella: First Tuesday of every month
All other areas: First garbage pick-up day of the month. (i.e. If you your garbage is picked up by us on Thursday each week, your recyclables would be picked up on the first Thursday of each month.)
What can be recycled?
Plastic bottles #1 & #2 - Rinse clean, remove caps & rings, flatten, place in paper grocery bag.
Aluminum Cans - Rinse clean, flatten, place in paper grocery bag.
Tin cans - Rinse clean, remove labels, flatten, place in paper grocery bag.
Glass Bottles & Jars - Rinse clean, remove caps/lids, place in paper grocery bag.
Newspaper - Stack in paper grocery bag.
Corrigated Cardboard - Break down, tied or in a larger box.
No Styrofoam
Place grocery bags at the curbside by 8:00am on collection day.
"If in doubt, throw it out."
Business Recycling

What can be recycled?
The same items that are listed for residential recycling are also allowed for businesses to recycle.
How often is it picked up?

Recycling can be picked up as often as the garbage is collected. Please call us to set up a pick up schedule.