John's Sanitary Removal
Located at 15 Golf Course Road in Silver Bay
Shop Hours: Monday-Friday 7:00am - 3:00pm
About Us
Where are we located?

When driving north on Highway 61, you will come to a stoplight on the highway just after you pass North Shore Mining. Turn left to enter Silver Bay (turn right if you're driving south on Highway 61).

You will now be on Outer Drive, stay on this road as you go through town. As you come upon William Kelly High School (on the right side of the road) the road will begin to curve right and you will see a "V" in the road. Keep with the right curve in the road and take a left turn at the "V" where it allows you to.

Continue along this road until you come upon a left turn for Golf Course Road. There is a large sign pointing in the direction of the golf course to let you know this is Golf Course Road. Take this left turn.

As soon as you turn onto the Golf Course Road, there is a long driveway on the left side of the road, turn here.

We are located in the buildings on the right side on the property. The office is located through the garage doors and on the right side.   
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History of the business...

October 1st, 1984:
Owner John Fredrickson starts John's Sanitary Removal and begins service in Silver Bay, Minnesota after buying out
the local waste removal company.

October 1st, 1985:
John's Sanitary Removal purchases second waste removal business that services the outer lying areas.
The two businesses are then merged into one.

Year 1988:
John's Sanitary Removal begins to offer customers the first Roll-Off boxes to residents north of Duluth, MN.

Fall of 1991:
John's Sanitary Removal begins to offer Dirt Work and Snow Plowing services to our customers.

May 1998:
John's Sanitary Removal expanded its business to offer services to the areas of Cook County, Minnesota.

December 1998:
John's Sanitary Removal expanded its business to offer services to the city of Two Harbors, Minnesota.

October 2000:
John's Sanitary Removal buys out a trucking company from Two Harbors, Minnesota and merges it with John's Sanitary Removal.

Year 2002:
John's Sanitary Removal adds sewer system design and installation to our list of available services

October 2009:
John's Sanitary Removal will be celebrating 25 years of service to our customers here on Minnesota's North Shore!